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Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

Suppliers and Manufacturers
The Initiative own brand is important to us and when sourcing products for the range, we only trade with both socially and environmentally responsible suppliers and manufacturers who have corporate socially responsible environmental policies and quality assurances and systems in place.

Eco-Friendly Products
Initiative Circle of TrustInitiative consists of over 800 products designed for the modern office and we are continually increasing the number of environmentally responsibile products within the range. To help our customers make a difference, our stockists can also carry out a FREE, no obligation GREEN audit to establish your most used products within the office and suggest environmentally responsible alternatives. Click here to find your local stockist for full details.

Recycling/Waste and Packaging
In conjunction with our stockists, we aim to reduce, recycle and re-use packaging wherever possible and dispose of all waste responsibly.

Recycling Programme
Every year over 2 million toner and inkjet cartridges are buried in UK landfill sites and each cartridge can take over 1000 years to biodegrade. By purchasing Initiative remanufactured toner cartridges not only are you saving your business money, you are also helping the environment by recycling cartridge components.

You can help by recycling
Contact your local stockist for free recycling boxes for cartridges, toners, mobile phones and batteries.

10 tips on reducing your impact on the environment

If you follow the top ten tips we've listed here, your business will be taking that first step to helping the environment - you'll probably reduce your running costs as well.

  1. Turn off the lights and use energy saving bulbs
  2. Switch your PCs, monitors and photocopiers off at night
  3. Car share, cycle or walk to work - look at the Cycle to Work government initiative
  4. Don't print unnecessary emails, save in a folder on your computer
  5. Recycle and re-use products where you can
  6. Take the train for long distance business travel, save on fuel bills and cut pollution
  7. Use the stairs instead of the lift
  8. Buy and use recycled stationery products in the workplace
  9. Avoid disposable products which are used the thrown: e.g. plastic cups
  10. Use print preview to avoid having too print twice.

Click Here to download the initiative environmental guide.